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2 Int Senate Presents the ' 2 Intelligence Company Museum '

We are proud to announce that we have secured space inside Casa Loma to establish our museum. This is a major development for the preservation of our history - and we need your help. 

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Casa Loma: A Place to Call Home

The history of Military Intelligence in southern Ontario, and its contribution to solving major global conflicts, is a story that remains largely untold.


What began in 1903 with the Corps of Guides, includes the Canadian Cyclist Corps, moves through Camp X and the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in WW2, and ultimately spawned today’s 2 Intelligence Company. 2 Intelligence Company perpetuates this proud heritage as members have served on contemporary missions such as Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine and Latvia. A rich history indeed, punctuated with tales of espionage, tales of bravery, and tales of woe. We are now able to tell our story to a wider audience.

We have found a home where we can present our history to the public. The home is in a high-profile Toronto location that appropriately weaves into our story, and offers the public a chance to learn and be proud of Canada’s contributions.





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The New Home of our Intelligence Museum

Casa Loma was home to Station M during WW2. Station M was the codename for a secret manufacturing facility that produced gadgets and covert material for the SOE. The addition of our intelligence museum would make Casa Loma and Toronto the premier centre for Canadian military intelligence history, as it would be a first in the nation. 

Liberty Entertainment Group has invited us to build a first-class exhibit on the third floor, alongside the existing museum of the Queen’s Own Rifles. This is a Toronto military museum destination. Planning is underway. We aim to open the first piece of our exhibit before the end of 2021.

The museum build costs money. Display cases, renovations, installations etc. While we are working on a formal budget, early estimates come in at approximately $100,000. We are thus appealing to you to help us reach our first fundraising goal of half that amount, $50,000.


Mockup (Left): As illustrated in this mockup, plans include an exhibit built in the third floor Pellatt Room, adjacent to the Austin Room.

We Need Your Help

2 Intelligence Company Senate needs your support to make this a reality.

We are seeking donations via our website as well as looking for philanthropic individuals and corporations interested in supporting the museum in a significant way. We would be pleased to have a personal conversation to discuss sponsorship and naming opportunities.  We encourage you to reach out if you have interest in making a pledge.

This is a major undertaking for your 2 Intelligence Company Senate, and one that has us supercharged and excited. Please contact me if you have specific questions or would like to speak in more detail about our plans. 


Hon LCol Donald C. F. Stewart
President, 2 Intelligence Company Senate

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